Time Management Skills: You’ll End Up Thanking Yourself

Jeff Davis
5 min readFeb 17, 2020
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John Powers is one of the most involved people I’ve ever met. He is a successful communications consultant, a college professor at Quinnipiac University who has his PhD, and a leader of a semiannual service trip to the Dominican Republic where he serves some of the poorest people in the world.

The purpose of this post is to share how to fulfill your inner life while overwhelmed with a lot of different priorities. To truly create a life on your own terms it’s essential you have your values and priorities in the right order. In order to break through society’s lies, you must first become more organized.

Please note: This was originally written while John was still in the process of getting his PhD.

How to Effectively Juggle A Lot At Once

“The service you do is incredible, to say the least,” I said to John with a smile. “I also know you have so much going on in your life. A challenge for some people I talk to is they would love to give back, serve others, and make more time for themselves, but have a hard time making the time for that in their hectic, demanding, and overwhelming schedules. Any thoughts or tips?”

“You must prioritize on a daily basis,” John said. “Don’t be afraid to juggle things around and shift priorities. For example, my lab for one of my classes in my PhD program is not due until the end of the week, but I must teach my class tomorrow morning. So I’ll make sure to prepare for my lecture tonight before doing any work on the lab.”

You don’t want to over-delegate, but there are times when delegating can be effective.

“For the Dominican service trips I’m in charge of the whole thing, but I’ve learned to delegate to other people who in turn delegate to others. Certain people are in charge of groups depending on the project and activity.”

John embodies the qualities of strong leadership as well as effective teamwork. He is able to authentically serve others in these big trips because of his strong time management skills, as well as his attention to detail. With that said, there are difficulties as well. Despite decades of experience, it can be challenging at times.



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