Sharing Your Story to Help Others (Leadership and Storytelling Skills)

Jeff Davis
7 min readNov 10, 2021
A quote that says when you share your story you change the world.

There’s enormous power in sharing your story. It helps you and others at the same time. It supports others and also gives people permission to share their own story. It’s an incredible way to build community and make an impact.

A Life-Changing Mindset Shift

There’s a catch-22 here. Sharing your story is, by definition, about your life experiences. The beauty here is that one of the primary reasons you share is not to make it all about you, but rather to truly and genuinely help others.

It’s about creating an I-focused story and a YOU focused message. The “I” part is all about your experiences, your journey, your ups and downs, your trials and tribulations, what you learned, etc. The YOU part is where you leave the person/people receiving your story with your take home message.

You could just say the “you” part. But the story leading up to the you-focused message makes it that much more impactful.

Hypothetical example:

Be there for your kids.


Growing up my parents were never there for me. This led me to struggle in school and in life. I hung out with the wrong people and made the wrong decisions because I had no role model. I



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