How to Shatter Roadblocks, Change the Narrative in Your Head, and Move Beyond Tragedy

Jeff Davis
6 min readJul 16, 2017

Keep Going, No Matter What Other People Say

Before we end our time together, there’s input from one more expert I’d like to share with you: Senator Paul Formica. I first met Senator Formica at a Rotary gala event in Niantic, Connecticut. A mutual friend introduced us, and we had a chance to connect during the event. We also had an in-depth heart-to-heart conversation on the phone several weeks after meeting.

Before I tell you what he told me, let me say that Senator Formica is an incredibly genuine and smart man. It’s essential to surround yourself with supportive, encouraging, and inspirational people like Senator Formica.

“What is the secret to your success?” I asked Senator Formica. “How did you get to where you are?”

“I didn’t listen to other people when they told me what I could and couldn’t do,” Senator Formica said. “I didn’t let other people stop me.”

I included this near the very end of the book because you can apply every one of the tips in this book and yet there may still be people out there who will tell you that you won’t be able to achieve true prosperity. Be respectful, but don’t listen to them. Prosperity is your birthright, and it’s yours for the taking. Don’t let people take the wind out of your sails. While you are changing for the better, you’ll notice other people who refuse to change. Don’t judge them and don’t react angrily, but refuse to give away your power.

“That’s powerful,” I said. “What is the secret to authenticity?”

“Look inward, not outward,” Senator Formica said. “Recognize your own weaknesses, strengths, and passions. Then ask yourself, How can I develop these weaknesses, strengths, and passions?”

Beware of Both Internal and External Roadblocks

“There will be roadblocks in front of you, placed there by people who don’t want you to succeed,” Senator Formica said. “You’ll face these roadblocks from others in any competitive arena. I also want to point out that I had a fear of success. I sabotaged myself because it felt uncomfortable succeeding.”

“I appreciate you sharing this and being so open,” I said. “A lot of people struggle with the fear of success. Can you talk about this a little bit more, and how you got past it?”

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