How to Make We Are All One an Ongoing Practice, Not Just a Sensationalist Idea (Spirituality & Enlightenment)

Jeff Davis
11 min readMar 20, 2021
A quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer on how we are all One and there is only love.

Is the saying, “We are all One” a spiritual truth, or is it more of a sensationalist feel-good motivational platitude?

I have mixed feelings on this, and I’d like to explore some perspectives with you. While in the end, I’ll leave you with a definitive opinion, I encourage you to come to your own conclusion on this based on your life experience and viewpoint.

If you believe it to be true, what this means is that spiritually speaking, there’s no separation between you and another. In ultimate reality there’s only pure Oneness, and the reality we’re in now here on earth is a temporary illusion.

How I Became Enamored With the Spiritual Idea That We’re All One

I first came across the idea and concept that we are all One from my friend Harvey Bailey, who is an author, coach, and Ordained Reverend. Harvey introduced me to the Conversations With God series by the author Neale Donald Walsch in 2012. In this discussion with Larry King, you can hear Neale saying we’re all One from 8:27 to 8:40.

It’s a powerful video and when Neale says, “Life is eternal and we’re all One” it gives me goosebumps and resonates with me.



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