Be Yourself — The Power of Authenticity


Chapter 13 From The Power of Authentic Leadership

  • Be yourself in a job interview.
  • Be yourself on a date.
  • Be yourself when meeting someone new.
  • Be yourself with your friends.
  • Be yourself with your family.
  • Be yourself in all your work and non-work relationships.
  • Be yourself while you’re kicking back and having fun.
  • Be yourself during serious and difficult times.
  • Be yourself until it becomes a habit and your default way of being.
  • Be yourself when [fill in the blank].
  • You’re already a great writer. Now go write that blog post or start that book you’ve been meaning to write.
  • You’re already a great storyteller. Now go record that video you’ve been meaning to record on your smartphone and publish it to YouTube.
  • After following the advice of the other experts in this book, you now know what your true values are. Now go live and adhere to them.



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